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Managing Knowledge

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Managing Knowledge in Health Services


This book edited by Andrew Booth & Graham Walton was published by Library Association Publishing (now Facet Publishing) in 2000. It is now out of print and, with permission from the publishers, the editors are pleased to offer the entire work as open access. Much of the content is not time sensitive and it still provides a useful conspectus of health information and library services in the early 21st Century. A companion volume Exploiting Knowledge in Health Services was edited by Graham Walton & Andrew Booth in 2004 and published by Facet Publishing.


Preliminary material     pdf     rtf


Part 1 Contextual background to healthcare and health information services

1     Health services: a contemporary approach           3

        Graham Walton     pdf      rtf  


2     Health service users of information            15

        Christine Urquhart     pdf     rtf


3     Health service libraries          31

        Jane Mackenzie     pdf     rtf


4     Health service information providers          53

        John Hewlett     pdf     rtf


5     Consumer health information         69

        Donald Mackay     pdf     rtf


Part 2

Health information resources and their organization and management


6      Providing direction and management for health library          89

      and information services     pdf     rtf
        Graham Walton


7      Identifying users’ needs         101

        Andrew Booth     pdf     rtf


8      Making a case  112

        Andrew Booth     pdf     rtf


9      Identifying resources  122

        Sharon Dobbins     pdf     rtf


10     Organizing information resources   137

        Andrew Booth     pdf     rtf


11     Delivering and accessing resources            151

        Andrew Booth     pdf     rtf


12     Marketing a service   162

        Andrew Booth     pdf     rtf


13     Evaluating information services      173 

        Linda Banwell     pdf     rtf


14     Training the users       182

        Alison Hicks     pdf     rtf


Part 3

Skills needed to make effective use of the knowledge base


15     Formulating the question      197

        Andrew Booth     pdf     rtf


16     Selecting appropriate sources         206

        Andrew Booth     pdf     rtf


17     Searching the databases       222

        Louise Falzon     pdf     rtf


18     Searching the Internet           237

        Andrew Booth     pdf     rtf


19     Filtering and evaluating the knowledge base      251

        Suzy Paisley     pdf     rtf

     Tables      pt1     pt2


20     Organizing a personal knowledge base     268

        Andrew Booth     pdf     rtf


21     Keeping up to date with the knowledge base      279

        Andrew Booth     pdf     rtf


22     Some concluding trends and themes          289

        Andrew Booth and Graham Walton     pdf     rtf

References      295     pdf     rtf

Index   345     pdf     rtf




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